Tuesday, January 28, 2014


What makes someone become so imprinted on your heart, that no matter the time or distance, they remain there to stay?  It could be any of the million little moments of silly, uninhibited laughter that you shared. Or the big moments when, just as you thought you'd fall, their gentle, yet steady hands caught you in midair. Perhaps it was how they viewed you through their eyes that matched the admiration you had for them pouring from yours. Maybe it was those hundreds of times you witnessed their selfless nature when they thought no one was watching. But you were. You saw. You soaked in those moments. Hour by hour, day by day, the fondness grew ever stronger. Until you spread your wings and found your own piece of what they modeled, what they treasured. 
They had imprinted not only on your heart, but on your soul. You became that person that someone else looked up to and you too felt that serenity. You made a difference. You brought out a smile. You wiped a tear. You fixed a broken heart with one, very simple gesture. You made it better.   
For that…I'm forever grateful. 
For that…I'm forever changed. 
For that…I'm a better woman.