Friday, February 7, 2014


Mags: "Holy moly, I just 'woked' up and I'm already super duper tired again."

I've been feeling a little bit guilty. Yes, I know, big surprise there. You can take the girl out of the Catholic, but you can't take the Catholic out of the girl…or something like that. But, I really have been feeling this way since mid-August when I began my new job.  I hit the ground running in that high school and it's been a steady uphill climb ever since. 

Raise your hand if you can relate. 

Raise your hand if you can't fathom that it's already FEBRUARY! 

To be fair, January was a series of snow days sprinkled with some delays and topped with a few consecutive days of school. This year has been a wild ride and it's not about to brake anytime soon. Due to how the time disapparated before my very eyes, I've allowed some things to slide. Writing consistently has been one of them. And I've missed it. Terribly. 

I've struggled with different ways to balance my schedule better. I've wrangled with how to fit everything into my day. I've mourned for the former days that included a Mags and Tuck filled day. I've pulled myself up by the bootstraps and given myself a good, stern talking to.  And then, just as I started to sink down into the doldrums again, I was struck with some wisdom (from my OWN head).

QUICK! Let me share it before this thought's shelf-life expires. 

My life could be compared to making dinner. I have quite a few pots boiling, like any other person out there. I've always used all the burners on the stove, but have constantly switched my pots around based on their needs.  I've had to decide when to turn up the heat and when to allow something to simmer for a bit. But, just like how I learned which pots need my immediate attention when cooking, I've had to give myself a break. Was I fantastic at balancing all the pots on the stove? HECK NO! In fact, each one of them boiled over quite a few times. And just like anything else in life, I turned down the heat, cleaned up the mess and tried a new configuration. My sanity depended on it. 

So, for now, while work and family are the most needy and delicate dishes I have right in front of me, other things will be stirred intermittently. 

I just need to set three timers, write myself seven sticky notes and tie ten strings on each of my fingers…but I promise I won't forget. 



  1. How very allegorical of you, Mel. I love it. Especially the boiling over and cleaning up the mess part. Perfect parallel. :)

    Here in New Orleans, we make something called a roux as a base for many of our dishes, especially gumbo. I just made it for the first time a few years ago. And I was amazed to learn that, while it's a easy recipe using only two ingredients, you need to stand at the stove stirring it for about 30 minutes. Constantly. If you stop or turn away, it will burn and you'll need to start all over again.

    So I'm just wondering ... What's the roux in your life at this very moment?

    1. Thanks so much. I love YOUR parallel. My roux would be work. If I take my eye off it for a second, I'm behind 26 emails, missed 3 meetings and have no plans for my class starting in 10 minutes. :)

      Thanks for all your support through this transition. It's been a constant I could depend on. xo

  2. Wait - we're supposed to clean after we cook???

    Knowing that you're taking care of yourself and family (the most important things in your life) will console us through your absences.
    And I look forward to seeing you when you come around!

    1. No, no, no! Just kidding, Guap. No cleaning. :P Thanks. I miss being able to answer your thought and laugh provoking surveys!!

  3. I absolutely love this, and it's completely relatable. Even if some of us have fewer pots on the stove, there are things - little dishes - here and there that we neglect. I think we parents tend to neglect ones that sustain us (our passions). This is fantastic.