Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Maggie: "How much more snow are we gonna get, Mama? It's been DAYS! A girl can only drink so much hot chocolate, you know!"

Holy cow! We Northern Virginians  thought our winter was bad. A flood is WAY worse. Noah, the new block buster hit starring Russel Crowe as Noah,  is flowing into theaters this Friday, March 28th. Since we all know the story of Noah's Ark…wait a second…you don't? Okay, no problem. I can give you the quick Cliff's Notes version thanks to my husband and his Vining talents.

Here's the gist…

I'm looking into the crowd after this six-second tutorial and seeing lots of "Aha" moments. So, when our good friends at Grace Hill Media (Hi, Bri!) asked Michele and me to do a little giveaway and promotion, we dove right in to plan our posts.

When I was brainstorming, I couldn't help but wonder what kind of animals  *I* would bring with me on a large, open, wooden Ark for months on end. I mean, who am I to choose what species get to survive? I wanted to bring some critters that weren't well known, would be useful, and wouldn't try to eat me. 

After some research, here's what I came up with:

For a day when you just need to reduce your stress. 
Just pick this guy up and squeeze!

For a day when you're feeling down about the gloomy, pre-apocalyptic weather. Nobody…I repeat…NOBODY is as sad as this creature.

For days when you're tired of repeating yourself. 
"Polly wanna cracker and HELP ME BAIL OUT THIS WATER!"

When your husband (the ONLY other other adult on the ship) has ticked you off. This little guy will fit PERFECTLY under his pillow.

For days you feel dry and scaly. Just know…it could be worse. 

For days when you want another baby…cause you're stuck on an Ark and what else is there to do? Here's a little pocket pet that won't keep you up all night and you don't need to dock your Ark to find a licenced OB/GYN to deliver it.

For flies all over the Ark. Cause even if you don't bring any on the boat, they're like Twinkies. They can survive anything. 

To remind you to not judge a book by its cover. 

For days when your hair is a ball of frizz…a quick 
reminder that it could always be worse.

I'm pretty sure this one is self-explanatory. If not, ask a friend or see the six-second Vine at the beginning of the post.

What do you think? Good choices, right? I think my reasoning is solid. 

Oh! And one more thing before we get into some philispophical discussion. Above, I mentioned how Grace Hill Media asked Michele and me to do a little giveaway. Actually, there are TWO giveaways…get it? TWO! Each prize package contains: A hoodie shirt, a baseball cap and…wait for it…a raincoat. 

Raincoat as seen above. Frog umbrella and model not included.

Simply fill out the Rafflecopter below. Tweet, follow, and comment away for more chances to win. The promotion ends March 31st, 2014.


For more information about the movie, Noah, visit http://noahmovie.com.


  1. The second one, the blob of pink goo, gets me every time. I think I'm gonna call him Morty.

  2. I know they aren't animals, but you should bring a bunch of cactii too.
    How wlese will you have enough tequila to get through that journey?