Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Tuck: "I'm sad to be painting over our yellow and blue paint. It's like I'm covering up all my happiness."

We're planning on moving this summer. Our house goes on the market in a few weeks. So, for the past two months, we've been packing a little each night and taking advantage of the weekends for serious cleaning and de-cluttering and the snow days…well, those were a gift! We've accomplished a lot, but just had one HUGE project looming…painting both the kids' rooms. Tuck's room is a "Superman blue" and Mags' room is a "Sunshine yellow." Those colors aren't every one's taste, so we slapped multiple coats of primer and white paint on the walls to make it look more open and cleaner. Lots of change is happening around us.

In fact, Tuck is having a hard time with all the change. He's always been that way. He has to warm up to big moves in life. Giving up his bottle, pacifier and putting on big boy undies are perfect examples. Once he processes all the parts of the milestone, he makes it happen. So, painting over HIS space was a big deal…and we knew it would be.  He spent most of his time processing by crying, talking about it and helping us to accomplish a goal.

We painted both rooms as a family, talked about it with him as a family and had a quick, little dance party in the middle of it all…just because. 


  1. He also has choosing the colors of his new room to look forward to!

  2. Good point, Guap! Genius. Pretty sure Dean's room is "spa blue'" from Lowe's, by the way. I can't wait to see what he (and the little lady) choose for the new space. :)

  3. Change is tough enough for us as parents. I can't even imagine what must be going through your little ones minds right now. Ryan and I have lived in our apartment all of his life, nearly 20 years, and I don't know how he would take such a drastic change if we ever have to move.

  4. Too cute.. We rented a house once where the previous tenant had painted one room Pepto Bismol Pink, right down to the wooden pane dividers on the windows. It took nearly 4 gallons of paint to cover it. So nice of you to do it for the new owners.. although I would love blue or yellow lol.