Sunday, April 27, 2014


Me: "Okay, guys, tomorrow we are closing on our new house."
Tuck: "What's that mean?"
Me: "It means we sign our name on about 2,596 pages of paper to say that we will pay for and take care of the house from now on."
Mags: "Oh man. You're hand is gonna hurt by the end. That's a lot of hearts."
Me: "Hearts?"
Mags: "Yeah. When I put my name on something important at school, I ALWAYS put hearts over the "i" in Maggie."
Me: "That's cool, but I'm not sure they'd accept hearts in my signature, so I think I'm safe there."
Mags: "Oh, good. Well, at least think about it. It really makes your name look fancy."

This weekend was a long time coming. Our family made a HUGE move. Literally. 

It's been a crazy ride buying a new home, but we had a team by our side that helped us settle each bump along the way. Having someone calm, cool, collected and humorous by your side is always a positive in this process. Having MULTIPLE people like that is a true gift. 

If you live in our area of Northern Virginia, and are looking to move, here are the people to be first on your list to call:


Monday, April 14, 2014


Me: "My brain hurts."
Chris: "Make a list. It will help."
Me: "I already have a list. In fact, my lists are starting to have lists about my previous lists."

Anybody's brain feel like a tangled web of "To Do's?" Me, too!

As I was out taking pictures with one of my students, I pointed my lens at a tree. It immediately struck me as looking like my brain. There were so many branches reaching in so many different directions. In fact, the branches were so abundant, that I found some were beginning to intertwine. However, through the branches, the sky is visible. And as these branches of ideas, challenges and projects begin to bloom, it will be a different scene altogether. 

One full of life lessons and accomplishments. 

Friday, April 4, 2014


Me: "Check out this sun Mr. W cut out for me at school today."
Mags: "Wow! That is beautiful. Is he a lefty or a righty?"
Me: "He's right-handed, I believe."
Mags: "Good thing, cause those left-handed scissors don't listen to right-handed people."

Paper sun credit: S.W.