Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dolphin Tale 2

Me: Quick! What are your favorite animal movies? Don't think. Just yell them out!
Chris: "Sharknado."
Mags: "E.T." 
Me: *sigh* "Peas in a pod."

Every Friday night we gather on the couch, snuggle up and watch a movie together. One of the most memorable movies we've watched as a family was called Dolphin Tale. We all ended the movie teary eyed and sharing our favorite parts...which were plentiful. 

So, as you can imagine, Michele and I were thrilled to hear from our friends at Grace Hill Media, who wanted us to help promote the sequel, Dolphin Tale 2. I cannot wait to get my tickets for opening day on September 19th. This uplifting story is sure to be full of courage, resilience and unconditional love.

And to celebrate movies with animals, along with our Blog Posts By Numbers, I wanted to share each of our favorite live action animal movies. 

Without further ado, I give you:

The Bugaj's  Top Four Favorite Animal-ish Movies





BONUS MATERIAL (because I can never decide.)

June is Blog Post by Numbers Month. Wanna play with Michele and me? Just write a "listy-type" post with a number in the title (ex. FOUR Reasons I Love MayonnaiseSIX Things You Can Do With A Paper Clip). Then link back to us and tweet us about it so we can include you on June 30th in our final list: (Number-Yet-To-Be-Determined) Great Bloggers Who Played the Blog Post by Numbers Game!

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  1. Love it! Chris must be pretty excited that "Sharknado 2" is coming out soon!?! ;)