Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Tuck: "Ning ning ning ning ning ning ning ning"
Me: "Hey, Tuck. Pleeeeeeease, stop. Please."
Tuck: "Okay, Mama."
Mags: "Ning."
Me: "Mags! I just asked Tuck to stop that. You did that on purpose!"
Mags: "It was not on 'purfose,' it was an accident! It just FELL out of my mouth!"


1. The No Filter: When I hear: "You're so skinny. What do you weigh, like 90lbs? I hate you." It hurts my feelings...every. single. time.

2. The Button Pusher: When you've had enough of the person's "funny jokes," but the person just can't stop. Apparently, it's so fun to watch the fireworks show once I explode. 

3. The Great Bedtime Escape: When Mags walks out of her room after we've put them to bed and stands in the middle of the hall. Just staring at me. GO. TO. BED!

4. The 'LOOK AT ME' Talker: When you're in a room and a person is talking to "one person," but projecting their voice and conversation to ALL the people in the room. Cause not everyone needs to know about your UTI, flower beds you just planted or how your underwear elastic was worn out when you put it on this morning. And, hey, congratulations on getting to level 3,497 in Candy Crush.

5. The Repeater: When someone tells you the story they just told you using slightly different wording. And then they sum up the conversation with that story. Again. Slighly altered. Again. Three time's the charm, right? 

So, spill. I can't be alone in this. What are YOUR pet peeves? 
Share them below in the comments.

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  1. My biggest pet peeve right now is when the Philippine women that work with me all come into my space and speak their own language and make me feel completely invisible.

  2. Having to repeat myself. Seriously. It's one thing if I can tell the person didn't hear me. It's another if I know they just weren't listening. In my world, the listener gets two chances and then a "Never mind."