Friday, June 6, 2014


Me: "Today all the seniors are coming in to practice for graduation."
Mags: "I did that yesterday. I should come in and show 'em how it's done."

I took a job as a high school teacher in August. Who knew how much these kids would impact my own growth and education? I swear I've gained more from them than they could ever have from me. In August, I heard a rumor. One that seems like a lifetime away. 

"Graduation will be here before you know it." 

I remember laughing when another teacher said that to me at the start of school. But here we are. My first year down...and soon watching some fine young men and women walk across their high school stage. They'll be coming to the end of an incredible journey, only to start on the path to a brand new one. 

So, as their year comes to a close, I made a quick list in my head for them.


1. Turn in all your text books?

2. Order your cap and gown?
3. Pick up your graduation tickets?
4. Complete all your final projects and assignments?
5. Know how proud your teachers are of you?

Thanks to all my students who have not only made me a better teacher, 
but a better person.  

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  1. Number 5 brought a tear to my eye. Teaching is the most rewarding profession, isn't it? And I'm sure they'd give you a "Right back at ya" to that last bit you have, after your list. :)

  2. You should make pocket-sized copies of this list, laminate them and hand them out in the classroom. :)