Monday, June 2, 2014


"Here's your roster. Eleven six-year-old ballerinas all in your care. Have fun."

This past week was "recital week" at Mags' dance studio. We had full dress rehearsals all week leading up to the three day production of the actual performances. Of course moms are needed backstage to help out all the little women. I signed up a few nights and learned a few tricks in entertaining the little chicklets from 6PM to 10PM.  

Five Ways to Rock Being a "Backstage Mom"

1. Bring a portable DVD player. 

2. Bring a charger for the DVD player.

3.  Bring "Frozen." 

4. Put "Frozen" on a continuous play loop. 

5.  Add fruit snacks...and voila! HAPPY BALLERINAS!

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  1. I feel like following these steps could help with any situation involving kids! Absolutely perfect!

  2. I've loved seeing the pictures you've been sharing of Mags and her recital. It has taken me right back to my own childhood and she looks stunning, excited, poised...all the wonderful things a girl her age should be right in this moment.

    "Break a leg!" to her and BIG hugs to you.