Monday, June 9, 2014


Mags: "Let me get this straight. You give ALL the kids tests ALL week? You know what I call that? NOT. VERY. NICE!"

It's finals week in my high school. This will be my first finals week on the other side. The dark side. The TEACHER side. To be perfectly honest, I feel bad giving these tests. I mean, we're all just D.O.N.E. Yet, here we are. One final task.  I've spotted different types of test takers over the past year. I know which one I you?  


1. The Pleaser: This student will gladly take your exam. They walk in the room with their impressive study notes and flash cards, mouthing Physics formulas all the way to their seat. They have four perfectly sharpened #2 pencils that they lay in a perfect formation along the top of their desk. 

2. The Horse that Smells the Barn: This student comes in just wanting to get it over with. They know the formulas, not by heart, but stored in their immediate short term memory. They have two #2 sharpened pencils that they smack down on their desk, breaking one in half. No bother. That's what the OTHER one is for. Just pass out the exam already.

3. The Negotiator: This students walks in with four different options that they could do RATHER than take the exam you are holding in your hand. They have one #4 pencil that has a Hello Kitty design they borrowed from their girlfriend. After three minutes of watching your left eye twitch while they try to "compromise" better ideas, they give up and sit down to take the exam. 

4.  The Please Make it All Stop, I'll Do Whatever You Want: This student walks in with tissues and tears in their eyes. They sit down with no pencils and are convinced it's the English exam they've just crammed for in the half hour lunch break. Give them a hug. 

5. I Took a "No Thank You" Bite. And No, Thank You: This student arrives with a pile of crumpled classwork and homework that was due in the first quarter. All they have is a purple colored pencil that they just stole from the Art classroom floor as they passed by after lunch. 


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  1. These are hilarious. I like to think I was dorky #1. But probably not always. :)