Sunday, June 8, 2014


Mags: "Yook! It Mama and baby. Right dere." (insert 15 month old squeal here)
Me: "I love it." (insert Mama sobbing here)

Five years ago, I pulled into the garage to find the best gift my husband ever gave me. It was enormous, thoughtful and full of pizazz. I was flabbergasted, to say the least. Chris was at the ready with the camera to catch my reaction. 

Fast forward. As I stood before it this morning, one final time, I took a good, long look. We've come so far in the past five years. We've all grown a lot. We've all reached some impressive milestones. I've finally stopped wearing those star sunglasses. And, after 45 minutes of peeling the collage from the wall, I had thought of five more reasons why this was my most favorite gift of all time. 

1. It took me 45 minutes to tear it down on a ladder, child-free. He had an 18-month-old and three-year-old buzzing below him on a ladder, tackling each other and eating stray screws they found on the garage floor. It probably took him 8 hours.

2. I ripped off 226 pieces of tape from behind the panels. He had to tear off, roll up, and stick 226 pieces of tape on each of those rectangles with an an 18-month-old and three-year-old buzzing below him on a ladder, begging for fruit snacks every two seconds and eating the straw from the old, moldy scarecrow propped in the corner.

3. I tried desperately to keep them in order so I could put this masterpiece up at the new house. Pretty much impossible. He had to create it in a puzzle-type website, print it all out and concentrate to put it together. All while an 18-month-old and three-year-old were buzzing below him on a ladder, crying for a drink and eating dirt off the tires of his car.

4.  I was feeling impatient at the amount of paper and tape I had left to tear off. I cannot imagine the amount of patience needed to tape, piece together, balance on a ladder and manage the spastic peanut gallery eating dried grass off the top of the lawnmower. I hear by dub him a saint or a knight or something super special. 

5. He thought of ME. Wholeheartedly. Selflessly. He gets ME.  Did he know that this sweet gesture would end up being the gift of all gifts? Probably not. But he doesn't do it for the glory. Never has. He knows that I get HIM. The time, effort and management of those cute, busybodied babes meant more than anything. 

Thank you, Chris. I'm so excited to start our family's new chapter. 

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  1. Wow. That is such an amazingly thoughtful gift. You are right: he rocks!

  2. I cried..what a gorgeous, thoughtful, amazing gift to you and your family.
    A Celebration of YOU.

    I am so glad you'll be taking it to the new home , even if it will take forever to put back together.

  3. I loved hearing about your children's "diets" during his big project. Is it weird that THAT was my favorite part of all of this? :)