Monday, June 30, 2014


Me: "I wanna be part of this!"
Michele: "Ummm, HE-LLOOOO? YES!"

Thirty days ago, Michele came up with a fun game. It was called Blog Posts By Numbers where we did all our blog posts in numbered lists through June. I made it through about 26 of the 30 days. That's not bad, but this woman...and one other participant made it ALL 30 days!! Not only that, but there were some faithful posters that joined in the fun as well. Thanks to all who participated. 

In celebration of it being the last day, I wanted to share THREE of Michele's numbered greatest hits. Because I have learned from her that bending the rules a little lowers your cholesterol...I'm including her gorgeous guest post's list as well. 

Without further ado, I give you:

1. Guest post by Gigi: 14 Reflections During My Doctor's Visit 
Letch. That's all I have to say. Someone come up with a great blog name for Gigi. Taking ideas below in the comments. Love you, Gigi!

Okay...I'm cheating. You need to check out Gigi's other two guest posts as well. I can't help but bend the rules with these two. Bring some tissues. She's a grandmother through and through. 

10 Reasons I Like When my Granddaughter Spends the Night 
10 Reasons I Like When my Grandson Spends the Night

2. Michele: TWENTY Pictures from the Play
She will, by far, be the cutest old lady alive. That, and she is crazy talented. Her singing voice is not only pretty, but very soothing. 
3. EIGHT Things in my Refrigerator that aren't Food: I mean...a First Communion wreath for FOUR years is automatic induction to SAINTHOOD, I'm almost certain.  <consults Bible...and Gigi>

Michele, thank you for encouraging us all to write and be silly! I had a blast with this and you (of course) . Congrats on completing all 30 posts! 
You're an animal, woman! 

But we weren't the only participants! Here's the incredible bloggers who joined us in our crazy!


  1. It was an honor. And a privilege. It was an honor and a privilege. Oh, and sometimes a pain in the ass. Can I say ass here? Just tell the kids I'm talking about a Christmas donkey. Oops.

  2. Thank you so much Mel! You and Michele are the reason I started my blog, and it was an honour to be involved in this challenge hosted by you. You rock!

  3. It was fun! If you decide to do that again, hopefully I'll be better prepared but I'm pretty proud of myself of how much I kept up with it though! :)