Friday, August 8, 2014


Me: "Mags, what are you doing snuggled up with Tuck? I told you he's sick, honey. Do you want to get sick, too?"
Mags: "I don't care if I get sick. He needs me."

Our kids have always been close. From the second Tuck met Mags on the outside of my belly, their bond was instant. He brought out her first coo. Her first smile. Her first belly laugh. Her first word. Her first steps. He is, by every stretch of the imagination, her rock.

And she is his. She brings out his strength to walk down a dark hallway. One word from her can send him into fits of laughter (or tears). Her smile puts him at ease when he's uncertain. In fact, Chris and I often joke that we pity any girl who breaks his heart first. The wrath of Mags will be fierce.

So, when my friends at Grace Hill Media shared the featurette from Gavin DeGraw, You Got Me, it spoke to me. Written for the heartwarming sequel, Dolphin Tale 2, it really connected to my own life. The lyrics are insightful and touching. Not only will this song be perfect for this future family classic, but I guarantee everyone has had times in their lives in which they can relate. 

When a song speaks to my heart, it captures my attention immediately. This song does just that. Want to hear it? Well, thanks to Grace Hill Media, I have the chance to share it with you! 

Take it in and enjoy! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. oh my sister heart, my daughter heart, my friend heart and most of all my Mama heart.

    I love knowing Mags and Tuck have each other, I see it all the time with Gio and Jacob. Beyond their 'Twin-ness" they also have a deep love for each other, of caring for one another.

    and Gavin well I saw him play as the opening act to the BNL before he got famous and just fell in love with his voice. This song is just beautiful.