Monday, December 29, 2014


Mags: "What in the heck? The Easter Bunny?"
Tuck: "What are you...OH MY GOSH! MOM!! LOOK! It's the EASTER BUNNY wrapped in SANTA!"
Mags: "Come look, Mama. This is totally creepy."

I'll be honest. Mags has been known to fib here and there lately. Once I call her on it, she likes to follow up with "I was just joking." We've been working with her on this and giving her examples of how she can be funny without telling a lie. 

So, naturally, I wasn't buying into her Santa Bunny story at first. I gave her my best Momcher (Mom/Teacher) look. She countered my look by calling in the big guns...Tuck. Sure enough, Tuck's reaction told me there was something to this holiday chocolate mix-up. I went over to the table and what to my wondering eyes should appear? An unwrapped Santa with two big bunny ears. 

Someone at the chocolate plant was taking the 3 R's a little bit too far. What? You don't believe ME? Well, here it is. I think it could be up there with the Virgin Mary on Grilled Cheese. 

Drum roll, please! 

Of course, Chris and I spent some time laughing about what kind of Memes could be created for this little guy. We'd love if you'd join in the fun! In the comments, share your best captions for this confused holiday treat. 

Here, I'll start!