Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Mags: "Why are we burying this statue?"
Me: "It's St. Joseph. People say if you bury him by your house that it will sell faster."
Mags: "Ummm...why are you putting him in a baggie and upside down?"
Me: "Well, that's how they say to bury him."
Mags: "Well, you know how dangerous plastic bags are. If you put it over his head...he won't be selling anything!"

In preparation for putting our home on the market, our realtor took pictures of the house to post on her website. On top of that, we worked with her to write a descriptive and appealing paragraph to fit in the character limit allowed on the site. We all tried to find the most important parts of the home that would jump out at people. This got me thinking.  What if there was no character or word limit to our description?  What would I want people to REALLY know about our house? 

Here's what I would want to say: 

Our sweet house is for sale. It is nestled on a quiet, yet accessible .76 acre lot in Harpers Ferry. Its walls hold 10 years of the most precious memories I own to date. The front door is sturdy, waiting to open to your it did to ours. When we crossed it each night, we were home.  Being a split level, there's a landing on which you can catch your breath between steps...on which I caught many. The fireplace on the lower level, which absorbed many tender words and life-changing conversations, not only will warm your hearts, but also replenish your soul. The hall in the upper level is the road most traveled. It is filled with memories of passionate kisses, soothing newborn babies, chasing elated toddlers, and planning a plethora of adventures. In each of the rooms off the hall, our hopes and dreams were shared. Created. For 10 years, this house watched our marriage bloom, our babies grow, and our family form. And holding us tightly all along the way was its frame. But as life changes, so did our plans. Our hope is to sell our house. But it is also our wish that someone will fall in love with it as we did many years ago and give it purpose once again. 

Click on the picture if interested! 


  1. This is easily one of my most favorite posts you've ever written. Absolutely beautiful and undoubtedly from the heart. It reminds me of the post I wrote about my childhood home. I wish you could use it somewhere ... anywhere ... to help sell your house. It's so honest, real and unique. And unique sells. Or at least that's always been my credo. :)

    God speed, Harpers Ferry home.

  2. You know, Mags had a point. Haha! That being said, the capabilities of your realtor and putting it in real estate listings are also important factors in getting the house sold quickly. Let's hope it does, so you could focus on moving to your new home soon. Good luck!

    Arlene Keller @ Scott Sauer RE/MAX Properties

  3. So it's really happening? I'm happy for you! It's really nice that you posted pictures of the property on this site, so potential buyers will get a better look-see as to what is in store for them. I hope we get a better glimpse soon. Anyway, thanks for sharing that! Wishing you all the best on that regard!

    Sheldon Ward @ Brett Halvorson & Associates