Thursday, June 11, 2015


Mags: "How do you always know the answers to everything?"
Me: "Google. And college. And Daddy. But mostly Google."

Graduation. From Pre-K to Doctorates, these major milestones fill my social media feeds. Within these moments, come epiphanies that stick with us. They may even sway us toward a specific direction in our lives. 

As I watched the seniors in my school practice walking across the stage today, I had some wisdom of my own to impart on them. 

Over the years, these are the things that have stuck:

1. Just do it. Ulcers never met a procrastinator they didn't like.
2. Speak carefully. You can never take back what comes out of your mouth.
3. Live within your means. It makes a difference.
4. Splurge every once in a while. The memories will be worth it.
5. Laugh and smile. Those wrinkle lines are a sign of a life well lived.
6. Hydration is key. Reach for the water before the sugar or caffeine.
7. Take a hike. Fresh air and a humbling view can do wonders for the spirit.
8. Choose wisely in people, situations, challenges and words.
9. Listen to someone with experience, even when you don't want to hear it.
10. Be silly. But not obnoxious.
11. Give a firm handshake. It shows you mean it.
12. For every negative, find twice as many positives.
13. Quality not quantity. Especially time with people you care for greatly. 
14. Reveal your vulnerable side to at least one person in the world; the one you trust the most.
15. Make mistakes. You'll never be a lifelong learner otherwise.